Your presence on the internet is becoming more and more critical
to your business with the ever changing world of technology. And image is everything!
Let us create the image that tells the story you want your customers to hear in less than a minute.

Our Work


We specialize in:
- website design.... - graphic design .... - animations .... - interactive animations .... - photo editing .... - branding and marketing

Below are some samples of our work. (Note that the flash animation may not play on phone view)


Although my formal education is in business, technology has been a passion my whole life. Through technology my creative side is able to be expressed through the mediums of websites and graphic development.

Throughout my career, primarily involved with non-profit organizations, I had the opportunity to learn everything necessary to meet growing marketing and advertising demands myself because advertising budgets were just not there. Over the past 20 years I have learned everything I could about website development. All of that enables the design and development of any website feature that is required including static and dynamic, website login, databases, graphic animation and interaction.

My career experience has provided me with the opportunity for the development of a very successful and interactive online course. This 1 year project resulted in the successful completion of the Online Saskatchewan Hunter Education Program and Canadian Firearm Safety Online Study Guide. Although technology and requirements have changed since that time, this online training certified thousands of students in the 5 year duration that it was up and running with rave reviews from the students. The full interaction of the course provided everything from lifelike simulated workings of a firearm, compass and GPS to interactive testing that provided immediate results for the students.

Four years of experience found me also involved in the creation and setup of online training webinars, a targeted social network and utilization of social media such as facebook and twitter.

With the experience and education gained over the past 20 years, and continually growing with the ever changing world of technology, we at STARLITE By Design can provide for any of your website, branding, marketing and advertising needs and can work within any budget.